Oh my goodness! Are you alright, miss?

Allain (アライン) is an Uerupon who has botanokinesis. He's cheery but gentle to those around him and treats everyone with respect. He is a friend of Halfprism and acts like a counselor to her. He's also friends with the twins Yuenne and Callisto, and treats them like his little siblings.


Allain looks like your typical Patapon, except he has a light green tone and sports two malleable stem horns on top of his head. These stems grow leaves whenever he's tense, extremely happy, etc.


Because of his botanokinesis, he can control plants within a ten-meter radius from him. He can also camouflage himself to be really leafy so that he looks like a plant.


Allain has a gentle nature. He's like a big brother to everyone he meets, and treats all with utmost care. He often worries a lot, which is one of his weaknesses, but a lot of Patapons love him anyway. He often uses his powers to help others and he is a really good person in the inside.


  • He strongly smells like a plant which he's a little embarrassed of.
  • He enjoys taking care of others.
  • His wounds heal fast.

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