Artix request by SugarSweetchocolate
Full Name: Artix Von Kreger
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Charibassa Patapon


Love Interest: Nix

Signature Moves: 



Weapon/s: Blinding Light of Destiny,

Blade of Awe



Appearance Edit

Artix is a Charibassa who has torn off the wings on his head. He has multiple scars across his body and ties back his long hair. He wears a tattered red cape.

Items/Equipment Edit

Artix has strong Paladin armor, which is similar to that of a ranked knight's. His two weapons are, the "Blinding Light of Destiny" and the "Blade of Awe".

Attacks/Abilities Edit

Personality Edit

Artix can be clam and quiet. Other times he can be pissed. He cares very much about his wife, Nix, and two children, Kira and Darien. He will do anything to protect them.

Back Story Edit

Artix's parents were killed by the undead. As an orphan, he was taken under the Paladin order, and thus dedicated his life ensuring that no one else suffers the same fate. He also has a deep dark secret he's been keeping to himself.

Gallery Edit

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