You did what now?!

Callisto (カリスト) is one of the two moon children along with his twin sister Yuenne. He was born in the moon with her and somehow ended up in earth.


Callisto has short hair that splits to the sides. He has the same set of small horns as his sister. He also has a white antenna headset that mirrors his sister's ribbons. On his right leg, he has a white band that stabilizes his powers.


He and Yuenne have the same powers. Their Lunar Dust can temporarily alter gravity, as well as materialize into different objects depending on their needs or wants. Because of the abnormal amount of the substance in their bodies, they can levitate themselves.


In contrast to Yuenne's cheery personality, Callisto is a little grumpy and hates responsibility. He's quite timid in meeting others but doesn't make fun of them unlike his sister. He tries his best to be good, and acts like a gentleman around women.


  • He likes sleeping with the pillow on his back instead of his head.
  • He knows how to play a lot of instruments but he can't sing.

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