Controlling the Anger. Edit

By AlmightyJak. →Original Story

Nickola. Once a happy kind hearted Patapon, now an enraged red eyed Patapon with uncontrollable power. Will he ever be normal?  Will he ever care about the ones he loves ever again? 

"Come on Nick....control your anger...." Nickola began talking to himself, trying to control his anger. He started to slowly breath in and out 

It started to work. His red eye and red aura started to fade away returning him to normal.

"Think about the ones you love... Maimi....Maddie...Ipamon..." Nickola then fell on his knee and started breathing heavily.  "I did anger is gone...."

Suddenly a flash of lighting striked the ground near from Nickola.

"What the!?" Nickola screamed. As the smoke cleared away It revealed Raiden, one of the guardians who protected earth.

"Raiden!? How can it be!? I thought you were dead! Merasmus killed you!"

"I am dead. Merasmus did kill me. Can you not see the halo over my head?" Raiden then pointed to the yellow glowing halo that hovered over his head.

"Wait, so since your dead... you can't die?" Nickola asked.

"That is correct." Raiden replied. 

" what are you doing here?"

Raiden looked away and stared off into the distance. "The reason I have came is to tell you that you have fully controlled your dark anger. You are only one of the few people who have fully controlled their rage."

Nickola was speechless for a few seconds. After while he talked. "So...I can change between my anger and normal powers?" Nickola asked.

Raiden then turned away and walked up to Nickola.  "Yes, yes you can. But it takes time to learn how."

"Can you help me Raiden?"

"I am sorry, but I cannot."

"Why not?" Nickola asked.

"Because...for you to learn it, you need to learn yourself."

Raiden then rises his hand into the air. Suddenly a bolt of lighting strikes his hand causing smoke to fly everywhere.  As the smoke cleared. He was gone.

"I must learn myself...?" Nickola said to him self.

"So be it. I'll do it...for the ones I love."

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