Dell Conagher
Cosmic Time Lord by Sweetmint9

Full Name:

Dell Conagher







Love Interest:

Victoria Conagher

Signature Moves:

Time Freeze

Birthday: ????
Creator: AlmightyJak

Dell Conagher is the father of Nickola Conagher. He is known as "The Time Kami" or "The Time Lord."

Appearce Edit

Dell wears a mask with horns that are green, yellow and red. He also wears a cape, strap and belt. He as a mullet like hair cut just like Nickola.

Items/Equipment Edit

He doesn't use weapons, only when he needs to. He has orbs that he can throw that can freeze or slow down time around it. He also has a golden pocket watch with a little photo of Nickola as a baby.

Attacks/Abilitys Edit

Time Freeze: Dell takes out one of his orbs and throws it at his foe. When it hits him time around him freezes or slows down, leaving them open to a free hit.

Personality Edit

Dell is clam and serious from time to time. He has a clam Texan voice.Sometimes he likes to joke around. He cares very much about his son, Nickola, and will do what he can to protect him. Dell is also a skilled fighter and very good with machines.

Back Story Edit

Dell is "The Time Kami." He protects Earth from having time anomalies and from bad guys. He has a son, Nickola, he hasn't see him since the day he was born. It is unknown why he left. Dell wishes he could see his son again. Dell currently lives on the Zoni home world, called Zoni where they have built the "The Great Clock", a space station in the planet's orbit, were Dell works to protect Time. The mask Dell wears was given to him by the Zoni to hold back the "god like powers" he has. Dell is a Kami, or used to be, he had the powers to use War Drums when he had his hold helm, which now belongs to Nickola. Many people still refer to him as a Kami.

Gallery Edit

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