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Name Diana Viola
Gender Female, bisexual
Age 7
Birthday February 21th
Species Patapon
Weapon(s) Nova Greatblade
Relationships Nikko (Boyfriend)
Maddie (Non-Bio Sister)
Claude (Father)
Stella (Mother)
Alias Miss D
Character is by MaciarTheEngie

Appearance Edit

A small 7 year old Patapon with long brown hair.

Items/Equipment Edit

Her main weapon is Nova Greatblade. She created it fully by herself.

She sometimes uses hammers and robopon arms.

Attacks/Abilities Edit

Child Edit

She hasn't any special abilites for now, but she's unnaturally strong.

She achieved new form - Negative. Her power is multiplied by 10, and she can run and fly FTL while in that form.

Adult Edit

She became even stronger, to the point lifting a large building isn't a problem to her.

She has also trained to become a skilled fighter, mastering wind and earth abilites.

Personality Edit

Child Edit

On the outside, she's a kind and happy person, just like everyone else. Inside, she is kinda depressed but not always. And pervert.

Has very low self-esteem.

Adult Edit

Cheerful, happy and even more pervert.

Back Story Edit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

- Her hair is brown in MaciarTheEngie (her creator)'s drawings, but everyone else draw it orange for unknown reasons.

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