Weeeeeell, there goes another one!

Halfprism (ハンプリズム), a young, naive Nokogiripon, is the leader of a small tribe of Kurokons near Patapolis. She has great potential in fighting, but usually just lazes about in doing everyday things. She's not too reliable because of her impish nature, but she becomes especially loyal to those whom she trusts.

Appearance Edit

She has a light blue undertone by default and wears a triangular witch hat. She has two beads on both sides of her head. Her hair, that is sometimes mistaken as horns, is long and curls outwards.

Abilities Edit

Halfprism uses a giant saw called the Crystal Emblem as her main weapon. She has a short to medium attack range because of this. When not equipped with her weapon, she does karate. A certain power she also has is the ability to change colors of herself and of the things around her.

Personality Edit

Halfprism is often naive and playful. She never forgets to wear a smile on her face to make others smile too. She's also quite impish, as implied whenever she plays pranks on people or deceive them to get what she wants. Even though she is on the boundary of doing good and evil things, she has a good heart and would never hurt her friends.

Trivia Edit

  • She likes playing the flute.
  • She is vulnerable to sleep attacks.

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