Hineko gift by almightyjak
Full Name: Hineko
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Fumya Patapon


Love Interest: Ruby

Signature Moves: 



"No-Strategy Strategy"




Flare Staff;

Dreamwalker's boots



Appearance Edit

Hineko is a oranged eye Fumya with a raccoon like orange and black striped tail.

Items/Equipment Edit

Hineko uses a flare staff and wears Dreamwalker's boots.

Attacks/Abilities Edit

Even without his staff, he is able to fend for himself.

  • Agility: Being a cat, it is expected he is nimble and can easily dodge attacks.
  • Jump: He is able to jump relatively high. His Dreamwalker boots have the additional benefit of allowing him to jump higher and stronger.
  • The "no-strategy" strategy: Hineko acts and reacts on impulse, doing what he feels is the best thing to do with very little premeditation. He claims he deliberately does this to fool analysts who can figure out counterstrategies, but in reality he is simply too lazy.

With his Flare staff, he gains abilities.

  • Flare:
  • Firewall:
  • Projection: A signature ability that runs in his family. When holding a [REDACTED] or something with it, like his staff, he is capable of forming an avatar of himself, which is basically a copy with extra abilities, but moves with the user. In Hineko's case, his avatar is made of fire, and can burn objects on touch, along with being able to use Flare. However, he has only ever done this once, and it was by accident.(See Backstory)

Personality Edit

Not everyone is special or destined to be great, and Hineko knows that. However, that's not stopping him from dreaming.... He is very ambitious, even if he knows it's probably too unrealistic-and this happens a lot. From fantasizing about singlehandedly pwning a Cioking to pretending he's riding a Fennichi into battle, his imagination is insane. As a result, he's spontaneous, somewhat loud, very childish and immature. and can get pretty annoying. Thus he had no friends. He also spends way too much time dreaming and not enough making them realities. Except for this one time he literally jumped on a Fennichi and fell on his head.

Back Story Edit

Hineko is very secretive about his backstory. All he has revealed was that he was locked up in his family's attic, while his sister Himeko was overdosed with attention, and that he had once tried practicing his flare when he was 11, but accidentally summoned his projection and burned the top half of the house down.

The only other confirmed fact is that he "just so happened to" stumble upon the Pata-Squad, and became a member before he knew it. Strangely, he had no idea his sister had joined either.

Gallery Edit

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