Give me 2 shawarmas and I'll bring you whatever you want

Idarken Pixel

Name: Idarken
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown cat Patapon
Sexual orientation: Aromantic/Asexual
Friends: Ipamon (best friend), Nickola,

Jess, Saharat II, Foxe, Dark

Weapon/s: The Gontujaru Gauntlets/

/ The Hebing-

Xiongdi Spear; The Huoyangsiwang Spear

Creator: XAlexthekittyX/Peridottie

Appearance Edit

She's supposed to be an extinct patapon species: A panther. She has white spots on her body: face; back; legs; arms; shoulders; neck; ears; waist. She has square-shaped white nails. She wears a pair of gloves that cover her middle fingers which reach her waist (One being cream colored, and another being a dark pink tint). She wears a pink and red body suit. The shoes are red/dark pink on the left and pink/cream on the right. Her waist has a patapon symbol on it. Her Uberhero diamond is supposed to represent Yin and Yang. She has a stripe separating the 2 white spots drippig from her eye, probably a scar or scratch.

Personality Edit

She is very calm and quiet. While in battle, she gets agressive with the enemy most of the times when her HP is low. She doesn't cry very often, if at all. Usually, she doesn't say a word to anyone until they start a conversation with her. She'd help people out if they'd be willing for her help, or anyone's help at all. She's very athletic and also a smooth fighter. She loves shawarmas.

Items/Equipment Edit

She usually equips a level 38+ Ice Helm to prevent her from fire/lava. That's the reason why she can handle it. She also (seldom) equips some armor and her mask. She doesn't like wearing the mask though, she thought it got over-rated and removed it carelessly. She keeps the mask in her house, inside a closet.


Her mask

Attacks Edit

She is very attached to her gauntlets, so she punches the enemies right in the face and get many hits on them. She is very powerful and most people can't really stand up to her. She can make somersaults and move very quickly around enemies (as she is an athletic cat), so she can grab them without them knowing and throw them towards walls, pillars or in the abyss. She also can suplex people and objects.

BackStory Edit


Abilities Edit

She can charge and summon any weapon she knows whenever she finds the need of them. She can handle fire on skin, probably being immune to fire and is known to dance with fire pikes around the town when patapons celebrate something. Whenever she jumps in the air to get a shortcut to the place she needs/wants to be in and usually lands perfectly on her legs, and if not, she'd either fall and roll down, or land squatting while balancing herself with her palm on the ground.

Outfits Edit

NIR Elegant dress
She is wearing a short, galaxy themed dress, with

matching high heels, golden diamond-shaped ear-rings, the same type of gloves but with the middle finger coverage cut, knee-long ripped stockings that match with the gloves and an iron collar/choker

Weapons info Edit

Huoyansiwang spear

Huoyansiwang spear

This weapon is known to be in the demon/legendary type of weapons. It is very unique and was made by a blacksmith, presumably Ton Kampon.

It can cause fire, poisoning and 10 seconds long sleep for the enemies. This weapon was found by Idarken in a desert. It's weird yet beautiful design was based off of the charibasa class. Patapons say it has a long name that seems pretty hard to remember.

Max damage is 382393

Hebing-Xiongdi spear

Hebing-Xiongdi spear

This is another legendary weapon. Nobody knows how it got here or if it even has an amazing background story, but everybody knows it can do very good amounts of damage.

It can cause 1 minute long sleep for the enemies and possible poisoning or hypnotizing. It's design was, of course, based on the Yin and Yang brothers. It was found inside a blue jeweled chest inside a dungeon.

Max damage is 777777

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