Ipamon by Spyral370
Name Ipamon
Gender Male
Species Patapon
Weapon(s) Virtutix Lux (Good Power of Light)
Relationships Pata-Squad (group)
Taiapon (Best friend)
Xenichi (Sidekick)
Wrath (Love Interest)
Nickola (Non-Biological Little Brother)
Alias Leader of the Squadron.
Illumination of Hope.
Character is by Spyral
The best moments are the ones that no one else sees...

Ipamon is a Patapon who is known by his fellow kind as a significant hero, often dubbed as "The Illumination of Hope". He has the Pata-Squad and his members under his banner, due to the fact that he is the founder of the syndicate.


Ipamon is a Patapon with a blue bandanna to replace the typical helmet that normal Patapons wear. He also wears grey sleek robes, as well as white leg robes.


Ipamon has no weapons whatsoever. But, he is capable of wielding an immense otherworldly power known as the Virtutis Lux. With this power he can form anything out of pure light. However, he rarely uses this after he had destroyed Tenebris and the Mali Vim, as now he merely uses martial arts. He will only use his light power in extreme circumstances .


Ipamon was a standard Patapon. He was considered to be more...unique, compared to the others. During is youth years he lived a well-rounded life...until his entire family was taken away from him by a dark force known as the Mali Vim, a syndicate of renegades that believe of the coming of this nefarious and reprobate being...

The being is known as Tenebris. A demonic, heinous, and literally dark monstrosity who will infect all of Patapolis's and Earthend's people to serve under her. She claims that it will set order and balance to the universe, as she thinks "new things" and "happiness" only lead to chaos and disorder.

Eventually, Ipamon overhears people prophesying about a typical Patapon that would be known as the "Illuminance of Hope", as he will wield the Virtutis Lux power. With it, he will slay Tenebris and the Mali Vim, with the aid of others. Ipamon thought that this prophecy was untrue and continued with life.

He eventually met a girl who became his best friend, known as Taiapon. She and Ipamon always stayed together in dire circumstances. One reason for this is because Taiapon is all that Ipamon has, she is the closest thing to a loved one in his life (much like the relationship between Cygnus and Mari).

Unfortunately, Taiapon too, went missing, presumptuously abducted by the Mali Vim, just like how Ipamon's family was presumably abducted as well. Thanks to this, Ipamon secretly was on the brink of utter depression and vengeance. He constantly pursued any clues to find where his loved ones were, but to no avail.

Years have past, and nothing was solved. Ipamon was nearly going to lose all hope...until suddenly he was called by an ancient star-like entity known as The Blue Hoshipon. The Blue Hoshiphon met Ipamon one time because she was going to tell Ipamon a little revelation...

...Ipamon is apparently destined to be the Illumination of Hope. Why! Because he apparently wields the Virtutis Lux, a supreme power that is said to extinguish the"darkness" of this corrupt universe. Ipamon disapproved of that, but eventually he finds out that he does indeed have the power, in forms of combat situations. From there he learned how to control his Light Power to fend off the shadows of Mali Vim and the infamous coming of Tenebris (with the aid of the Blue Hoshipon, of course).

While his mindset is driven to saving his kind and his home world itself, he also continues to search for his family...and Taiapon. At that time, he was still unable to find them.

Eventually, he encountered and utterly decimated the majority of the Mali Vim and Tenerbis, who he faced in the Dungeon of Malevolence. They proved difficult to fight, but thanks to the help of Yarida, Naughtyfins and the Dark Heroes, he wiped the evil and dark forces out once and for all... also appeared that Taiapon was held captive the whole time, and when Ipamon destroyed Teneberis, Taiapon was "freed". Unfortunately...Ipamon's family was executed due to dissenting against the rule of the Mali Vim. The reason why Taiapon was alive was so they would use her to lure Ipamon so they could kill him...obviously they failed at doing so.

To this day...Ipamon and Taiapon live together in Ipamon's house. Years later, they decided to create a band of unique individuals to become heroes and heroines, in case if any principality dares strike terror in the hearts of many...

...and that was how the Pata-Squad was born.


Ipamon tends to be rather solemn in extreme scenarios, although he would lighten up the mood if need be. He is fond of meeting new people and finding wondrous terrain. He is happy when others are happy, and he is sorrowful when others are sorrowful. In general, however, he is always in a very light, peaceful and happy mood.

Ipamon can be slow to anger and extremely patient, which is a particular reason why others tolerate him. At times he can be rather shy around people that aren't his own kind. During combat, he fight in a strangely calm manner as well...however, he will go aggressive once his allies are harmed in any way.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Taiapon Edit

Taiapon and Ipamon share an extremely affectionate relationship with each other, having arguably one of the most loving bonds. Taiapon would usually be the hyper fun-loving girl who always enjoys spending time and showing affection to Ipamon, who merely practices fighting the wooden dummy form and spending time talking with Taiapon. Surely their love for each other is like no other.

Wrath Edit

Wrath and Ipamon love each other greatly. She's so much more open and she even laughs and jokes around with him. She actually changed a bit of her "anti-social" behavoir and support better being around Patapons. Wrath has recently married Ipamon.

Under the rain by SweetMint9

Wrath and Ipamon.



  • He is one of the two only Patapons (the other being Taiapon) to visit Zolara.
  • Ipamon as a slight reference to Ip Man as a whole.
  • His Virtutis Lux power is similar to Green Lantern.

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