Jess the zarosian uberhero by ninjakittyofrage
Full Name: Jess
Age: 20s
Gender: Female
Species: Patapon


Love Interest: No one

Signature Moves: 

Darkness Pound

Shadow Punch

Shadow Veil


January 9th

Weapon/s: Torag's Hammer

Staff of Light

Crystal Bow

Creator: NinjaKittyofRage

Appearance Edit

Jess is an Uberhero who wears a blackish grey cap and sometimes a facemask too. She also wears a coat and pants. When she isn't wearing her coat she wears a purple shirt. She also has a Zarosian sign on her chest rather a uberhero diamond. she also has brown hair and wears purple glasses.

Jess wears capes as well but she sometimes wears the Cooking Cape or the Magic Cape

Items/Equipment Edit

While she isn't in battle, she tends to make weapons, armor, potions and cook food. She always carries a Torag's hammer in which she got it from the tombs of the Barrows Brothers, but she sometimes takes the Staff of Light for magic or the Crystal bow with her at all times.

She also stacks up with potions and food in case she needs it in case she goes into battle against any fiend.

Attacks/Abilitys Edit

Darkness Pound-An ability which allows Jess to conquer Darkness onto her hammer, once she has enough she rams the hammer on her enemies which can deal some pretty good damage to the target.

Shadow Punch-Jess uses this ability which allows her to focus on gathering dark energy onto her hands which she uses them like aura punching gloves.

Shadow Veil-a hidden ability in which makes Jess able to escape any battle if she is damaged too much. She would close her eyes and focus her energy by casting shadows and disappearing out of site, thus letting her flee the battlefield.

Personality Edit

Jess is a kind and laybacked uberhero. She loves to joke around and always tend to keep on her toes. She does tend to get angry easily too.

Back Story Edit

Little is known about Jess and her past but her story goes like this: She grew up on a small island with her family. She decided to leave the island and set out seeking new adventures. During her adventures she befriended a male uberhero who introduced her to a religion she never heard about a god name "Zaros". After much consideration she decided to follow the god and became a Zarosian. She tends to hide the mark on her chest because she fears everyone she meets will think she is a demon of sort when she's just a normal pon like everyone else.

Gallery Edit

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