Kitzu Miku
Name Kitzu Miku
Gender Male
Age 16
Birthday June 2nd
Species Fox-Patapon-Uberhero
Weapon(s) A Silver Spear
Relationships Brother for Maddie.
Alias Kit,, Zu-zu.
Character is by ~SweetMint9

Or Kitzu for short. Is one of the few chosen next great Uberheroes in the Patapon World, chosen to fight against the return of the Archfiends and keep the world safe from their wicked plans.


Kitzu has the body and shape of a regular Uberhero. He has a fox-like orange tail with white on the tip of it.

He ports an orange fox-like mask with a reddish-orange symbol on it. The meaning of which is unknown.

He also wears a purple cape.


Kitzu is a friendly, witty, kind-hearted, teenage Uberhero, constantly joking around in serious moments, causing the rest of his allies to be annoyed with him at times...

Even so, he is usually rather calm.

He can also be rather lazy and likes to sleep in the trees during the day.

When in battle, he relies heavily on attack and evades enemy attacks swiftly. He usually never has a strategy or plan, which can result in disasters.


WARNING: SPOILERS! You have been warned...

Kitzu himself has little to no memory of his past.

Kitzu started out as a Fox Rare-pon, a very rare and special kind or Rare-pon. He lived with his parents and younger sister, until one day, a forest fire ended up killing his parents and he was left alone with only his sister as a family. No one took him seriously when young, and was left to die on the streets. To prevent that, he thought there to be no choice but to live a life of thievery, stealing mostly food for his sister to eat, always protecting her...

But one day, at the age of 15, he was chosen by Kami to be one of the next Uberheroes. The spirits of Yarida, Myamsar and Wondabarappa merged with his. Gaining new powers and abilities...

But losing every single memory of his past...

Strenghts Edit

Kitzu is very skilled when it comes to spear-wielding...

He is very swift and quick on his feet.

Weaknesses Edit

Kitzu has trouble fighting with things that are inmune to his electric attacks. (ex. ghosts/demons) and usually fails to defeat them.

He has little control over his emotions, and can be easily persuated, often making mistakes putting his life, and others, at risk...

Abilities Edit

Electric Spear Edit

An ability Kitzu still needs to control and master.

It consists of a powerful electric charge from his spear that leaves enemies knocked out cold.

It is highly effective. The downside is that it takes time to charge and is unpredictable.

Teleport Edit

An ability unknown to Kitzu as of now~

Permits Kitzu to teleport to a desired place up to 100 m away.

Reborn Edit

Like any Uberhero, Kitzu also has the ability to reborn after a short period of time if defeated in battle.

This of course, isn't possible if defeated in a cave or dungeon...

This ability has proven to be very useful....

However, it does not make Kitzu immortal in any way....

Trivia! Edit

~ Kitzu has been known to be confused with a cat, which annoys him to no end.

~ Kitzu has a younger sister named Miriam Harmony Miku. Her whereabouts are unknown...

Gallery Edit

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