Kris with updated bio by rodzynek98
Full Name: Kristopher Seven
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Patapon


Love Interest: None

Signature Moves: 


December 6th

Weapon/s: Blades of Justice


Appearance Edit

Kris is a Patapon Uberhero with a blue eye and blue diamond on his chest with brown hair.

Attacks/Abilitys Edit

Sword Summon- Kris can summon his two swords whenever he needs.

Energy Orbs- Since Ipamon gave Kris part of his power, he can create light orbs and can heal himself and others.

Speed Run- Kris can run much faster then others. Gotta go fast.

Personality Edit

Kris is usually happy and cheerful person. He is sometimes little childish, but he can be serious in sad situations. He always help others when they have troubles, even if this might risk his life. He hate when someone treat him or his friends bad. He can be sometimes depressed from something. He is also very smart, as he can solve many puzzels like a Rubic's Cube.

Back Story Edit

Kris was born, far away from Patapolis in another big city Patapon's with unknown name. He was growing up with his parents (Mark and Meg). When he was 11, Army of Zigotons attacked city which he lived. He managed to survive this, but unfortunately, his parents didn't survived and they died. Since this event, Kris became homeless and alone. At first, he wanted take suicide, but he realized, that it's not good idea. So he decided, that he will be traveler and he will travel around whole world. When he was 12, he got Blades of Justice, mighty weapon, which could be summoned whenever he want. When he was 14 he met Jake. At first he was his friend, but when he realized how evil he is, he didn't like him anymore. He even wanted gave him lesson, so he did him something wrong...something what Jake never forgot. And this is how Jake became enemy of Kris. When he was 16, he arrived to Patapolis, where he met Lisa. They became best friends. Later he met leader of Pata-Squad, Ipamon. Seeing his abilities, he invited him to his group. Kris accepted his invite and he joined to Pata-Squad. He also decided to stay in Patapolis forever. Now, Kris live in big house in forest near Patapolis.

Gallery Edit

Kid by rodzynek

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