Its amazing maddie by nickolaconagher
Name Maddie Rose
Gender Female
Age 7
Birthday April 9th
Species Patapon Pyokora/ Quarter Zoni /Quarter Kami
Weapon(s) Iron Spear
Heart Shield
Relationships Nickola (Father)
Maimi (Mother)
Kitzu (Best Friend)
Zoey (Best Friend)
Diana (Non-bio sister)
Alias Unknown
Character is by AlmightyJak

Appearance Edit

Maddie is a 7 year old Pyokora Patapon with long hair who wears it in a pony tail.

Items/Equipment Edit

Maddie uses an basic Iron Spear with a wooden shield with a heart on it she calls the "Heart Shield."

Attacks/Abilities Edit

High Jump- Maddie has the Ability to jump very high in the air and land on her feet unharmed. This doesn't mean she can't get hurt from very high jumps.

Spear Throw- Maddie jumps into the air and throws her spear causing knock back and some stagger.

Heal- Maddie can heal people by placing her hands on them. Her eye and ears turn blue and her hands start to glow as they heal.

Electric Zap- Maddie and shoot small electric bolts out of her hand dealing lots of damage.

Transform: Maddie can turn into her Zoni Form.

Personality Edit

Maddie is a kind and sweet person. She loves her family and her friends. She cares very much about them all. She loves to play outside with her friends, like Kitzu and Zoey, and run around until she gets tired. She has a secret affection for Kitzu after he became great friends for her, but Maddie got over the fact that Kitzu is too old for her. She also likes Zoey in a way. Meden even says that she is "A little angel."

Back Story Edit

Maddie was born in Patapolis on April 8th to her mother and father, Maimi and Nickola. She lived a very normal life with her family, playing outside with friends such as Kitzu and Zoey. She very much cares about her mom and dad. She is worried when Nickola gets depressed and starts to drink potions, sometimes scared because Nickola can act strange sometimes. When she turned 6 she got her first weapons, an Iron Spear and a Heart Shield. She also got a pet horse named Suko that she can ride around with. Maddie is quarter Zoni but was unable to turn into a Zoni but she has the ability to use lighting attacks and turn her eye blue. When she turned seven Nickola gave her the ability to turn into a full Zoni like he can. Recently Maddie his shown symptoms of Asthma, shortess of breath, wheezing, coughing, ect. She has to use a small enhaler to stop any attacks she might have. Maddie has decided that she wants to be an adventurer when she grows up, and a well trained fighter. Maddie has also began to realize that the world is a dark and dangerous place, due to an recent event that has happen to her.

Relationships Edit

Nickola (Oc) Edit

Maddie's Father. Maddie loves and cares about her dad very much. She always enjoys his company and even plays outside with him.

Maimi (Oc) Edit

Maddie's Mother. Maddie loves her mom every much. Maddie calls Maimi her twin, since they look alike.

Zoey (Oc) Edit

Maddie's friend. Maddie likes playing with Zoey. Zoey might be strange but Maddie loves her company.

Kitzu Edit

One of Maddie's best friends. When they first met, Maddie loved to play and hang out with him. Later on she had a crush on him. She wanted to marry him but Kitzu didn't want to. She felt sad for a while but eventually got over it.

Diana Edit

Other one of Maddie's best friends. Maddie loves Diana very much as if she was a sister. Maddie likes to hang out and play with her.

Hayaidesu Edit

Maddie's Boyfriend. Maddie is in love with him. Shes already wants to get married and have children with him, but Hayaidesu wants to wait until he is older. Maddie always loves when he is around her and likes to play games with him.

Gallery Edit

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