Maimi Tenpo
Now it's Maimi!
Name Maimi Tenpo
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday March 9th
Species Patapon Pyokora
Weapon(s) None
Relationships Nickola (Husband)
Maddie (Daughter)
Alias Unknown
Character is by AlmightyJak

Appearance Edit

Maimi is a Pyokora Megapon with long hair.

Items/Equipment Edit

Maimi has a horn she uses to play music with. She doesn't attack much with it.

Attacks/Abilitys Edit

Maimi Ki Blast!

Ki Blast

Ki Blast- A simple Ki blast that uses energy. Its not very strong.

Personality Edit

Maimi is a cheerful Patapon who enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She loves to sing and dance. She will also play music using her Flame horn. Everyone loves her music.

When Maimi has to much to drink she will get a little horny, and would want to have "fun" with Nickola. She is sometimes ashamed because of this.

Singing friends by angel-of-full-moon

Maimi singing with Kuro and Nyanmega.

Back Story Edit

Maimi was born in Patapolis. She was constantly being bullied by bigger Patapons. They told her she was nothing but a mistake in

Confession art trade by SweetMint9-1

Nickola confessing to Maimi.

the world. Due to this, she become very depressed and she became shy and scared when around new people. She was bullied a lot and

The tenpo family

Maimi's Family.

only taken care by Meden. Her parents had given up on her, Meden was the only one who cared about her. When she was 10 she meet a 9 year old Patapon named Nickola, Nickola offered to be her friend. At first she was very nervous and shy. She soon became happy whenever she was around Nickola. Nickola did his best to protect Maimi from any bullies, but he'd always lose. Maimi soon started to have feelings for him. Nickola also started to have feelings for her. Both of them hid their feelings for each other for many months until Nickola decided to confess his feelings for her. She started to cry and admit that Nickola was her only friend and that he helped her change her personality. They both ended up making out and having sex. Maimi gave birth to her Daughter, Maddie, a few months later. They are currently all still living at Patapolis as a family. Nickola is currently 15, Maimi is 17, and Maddie is 7. Nickola is teaching Maimi how to fight and use energy attacks.

Relationships Edit

Nickola (Oc) Edit

Maimi's husband. When Maimi was bullied, Nickola was her only friend. He protected her from the bullies. Ever since then they've been in love with each other. Maimi was 10 when she gotten married to Nickola, who was 9, and then had a child.

Maddie (Ocs) Edit

Maimi's daughter. Maimi was 10 when she gave birth to Maddie. Maimi loves Maddie with all her life and she, along with Nickola, takes care of her.

Meden Edit

Maimi thinks of Meden as a mother, since her real mother gave up on her.

Gallery Edit

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