Mika CelesteEdit

Tiny mika by sugarsweetchocolate-da6gsgv
Full Name: Mika Celeste
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Patapon


Love Interest: ????

Signature Moves: 


May 13

Weapon/s: ????
Creator: SugarSweetChocolate

Appearance Edit

Normal form: Mika is a Patapon with wavy long hair with a curly cowlick on the top of her head. Her eye color is light purple and her skin color is a rather dark gray. Mika often wears a green scarf with a purple pendent. Once in a while she will have  a flower in her hear. She also has a small birth mark on the back of her head.

Uber form: Mika's Uber form is slightly shorter then the average size of a normal Uberhero. In her Uber form, she normally wears dresses and doesn't wear a mask. Mika also has a blood drop tattoo at on nape.

Items/Equipment Edit

  • A handcrafted violin and lyre
  • A boomerang
  • An old, dull, and rusty spear (given to her by her mother)
  • Her green scarf
  • A small purple pendent

Attacks/Abilities Edit

(To be announced)

Personality Edit

Positive: Mika is rather generous, often offering food and shelter to her friends and family, sometimes to strangers or acquaintances when she does run into. She tries to be kind and friendly to almost everyone. Because her family wasn't really rich during her childhood, she tries to help others whenever she can.  When she's around strangers and acquaintaces, she can be soft spoken. However, when she is around friends and family, she can be very talkative and will strike up conversations. Mika will get really excited when anyone makes about music. Mika was often picked on either to her unusual looks and her fascination with string instuments, so she grew a lot of patience against smack talk against her. 

Negative: Since Mika can be really friendly, kind, and tries to be friendly to almost everyobe, people will try to use her for their own schemes. She has a lot of pantience against anyone trying to hurt her, but absolutely has none against anyone trying to hurt her friends and family. Mika can get really hostile against anyone who makes fun of her loved ones, so she needs people to restrain her or hold her back. She tends to be skittish around strangers because of not knowing to much about them. When bad things happen (ex: a fright breaks out), she becomes restless, has a hard time conectrating, and starts to panic.


(To be announced)

Gallery Edit

IMG 20160328 222947

Mika with her scarf and purple pendent (Cover for Dream Drop)

So i drew mika in this outfit ods 6 by sugarsweetchocolate-d9c7hfo

Mika in her Uberhero form (outfit 1)

Mika updated by sugarsweetchocolate-d964qge

Full outfit for Mika (Not in her Uber form)

Mika alternate costume idea by sugarsweetchocolate-d9i1c73

Mika in her Uberhero form (Outfit 2)

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