What am I...? I'm the Kami of Hope!

Meet Natapon, the Kami of Hope and the leader of Spirits of Justice!(Another Group)


The kami of hope by Uxie126
Full Name: Natapon
Age: 113(Immortal)
Gender: Female
Species: Kami


Nicknames: Nat,Hope,Nattie,Nanika

5th January

Weapon/s: Symbol Staff
Creator: uxie126

Appearance Edit

Natapon is a Blue-eyed Patapon(with a white mouth) with Rainbow dotted wings.She has a Blue Cape with Gold-Yellow from the inside,also wearing arm Armour and a headpiece,both with blue crystals on them.

When she is Nanika,a disguise of hers, she has a Mahopon-like appearance. with Wristbands(representing her armour),Black,White and Blue earrings,Boots and a Witch Hat(with Red,Blue,Green,Yellow clips representing...yeah,its obvious)

Items/Equipment Edit

Natapon uses her staff(Symbol Staff) for a weapon, having the powers of the four drums and some other spells too, the reason for these symbols on her staff is to the fact that shes a Kami.

and the whole Kami thing I will try to not bring up a lot.

Attacks/Abilities Edit

Besides the drum attacks(That she barely uses these days),she also has these abilities:

  • Merging with HF.Hope to become Hope
  • Hiding her wings(she'll mostly use this ability when meeting new people)

And some other things that may be revealed one day.

Personality Edit

Despite being over 100 years old she seems to act between 12-20 years old,She is friendly and caring,tending to worry if anything goes wrong.However when it comes to enemies she will be aggressive,which is quite an..obvious fact.

If She accidentally runs into anyone she barely knows she'd hide her wings instantly, and possibility she'd be a little shy.

Where she goes around is usually limited because she doesn't want to run into any normal Patapons by accident, if she wants to go to Patapolis or something she'd had to go as Nanika, a disguise she created.

One thing is that she has the chance of possibly getting upset when she thinks she "screwed/messed up", doing these things will make her worry quite a lot and she hates messing up big-time.

there is something said about her having a "Secret" though.

Back Story Edit

Natapon's past is unknown,even to her(and by that I mean I can't think of anything because I am terrible at backstories),probably because 100 years

She used to just look over Patapolis and do her job(Well,wasn't really a Job),sitting on a floating stone high up that nobody noticed.She was just kind of a normal Kami with nothing to do.

A Few days of rain caused her stone to get wet and a little slippery, that one day when floating over a certain forest, she slipped and accidentally fell, below was Saharat II, who saw her and was able to catch her in time,both of them becoming friends after this(and Best Friends now).Natapon after this got used to being on the ground, and she usually explored but not much.

After some other things(including meeting others and the start of Spirits of Justice) she began to usually stay at the Kami Temple along with her Holyfriend(How she came to be is another story too),and after some more installments near the Temple, making it becoming that the Temple had expanded into 2 parts(One being the actual Temple and the other being the SoJ part of it), She lives there now along with others, more confident than before!

Anything far back before her being 100 is unknown, including who her parent/s even were.

(there is a chance her mother might still be alive)

Gallery Edit


  • She's good at Cooking,and might as well consider that as a Hobby
  • She is the Guardian of the Kami Temple
  • In the past she didn't have wings,this means her wings were made from Magic

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