Nyanmega gift by sweetmint9
Real Name: Broken Fang
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Species: Cat Patapon


Love Interest: Kuro BlackPaws

Signature Moves: 


28 of December

Weapon/s: Microphone and speaker (usually)


Appearance Edit

Nyanmega is an albino Uberhero, with a golden-yellow mask with red marks on the sides and 3 musical notes on the forehead; and an orange scarf, he has something in his scarf, but will never use it, unless its necesary.

Items/Equipment Edit

he has a microphone and a speaker, he can hit people with the microphone and make others dizzy with the loud noise of the speaker, but he doesnt use them much now.

Attacks/Abilities Edit

sound orb: Nyanmega creates some orbs with just music, they cant make much damage but they can make others dizzy when explode, they can have different colors, changing the effect, the green ones can heal, when the others cause damage.

sound explosion: if a sound orb is fused with another one, they cause a extremely loud noise, causing a lot of damage. the sound orb can be fused with other attacks to cause different explosions of noise, causing different effects.

microphone hit: Nyanmega hits the enemies with the microphone really hard, but this can fail, and he can hurt himself if the microphone hits him.

sound wave: he can use the speaker to make enemies dizzy, this attack can reach enemies who are really far, but doesnt make much damage.

fire ball: Nyanmega barely uses this attack, because he once started a huge fire in an accident. Nyanmega shoots this balls only when he starts panicking (which happens a lot).

Personality Edit

Nyanmega is usually very cheerful and nice, but when someone harms his friends or family, he turns really aggresive, his attacks are really fast when he is angry or panicking. when his enemies are getting nearer and seem to dont get harm by any of his attacks, he starts to panick and attack faster and harder, he even shoots with both of his hands (but he is left handed), he never gives up, unless he is fighting with his friends. he always follows every order of his master, Ipamon , even if its a suicidal thing. he is usually afraid of Ipamon, since he had a fight with Nexumon and then saw how he turned back into Ipamon, Nyan is afraid he suddenly tries to kill him, because he wouldnt be able to defend himself.

Back Story Edit

he was born in a cat clan, but his parents always tried to kill him, and he decided to escape, he found a group of Fenrir and one of them decided to adopt him as a son, after 2 years, he decided to leave, and he met Kuro Blackpaws, who was being attacked by some wild wolves, he saved her and they soon became friends, when they were 3, they got 2 daughters, Chloe and Cougar, and got married. now, he lives with Kuro and their daughters.

Gallery Edit

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