Pata squad the game cover by xAlexthekittyx

Game Cover (possibly)


-The P-SG has been apparently abandoned heavily by the group. The cover art has been made long ago by XAlexthekittyX/Peridottie, a developer of this game that won't be either finished OR created anymore, yet, we will get to tell you everything about it (because Alex wants to,, NYEHEHEHE)


Ipamon at first, standing on the edge of a hill, looking down at the huge ocean under him, started to think about Patapolis' problems and that they can never be fixed without the perfect squad to come in and take over the situation. He has been walking trough catacombs, forests, laboratories, cities and even more. He is exploring Patapolis to get more loyal members to join his squad, so Patapolis can be whole again. He first found a small patapon [...] (the squad really gave up on everything so there's no point anymore on telling the story lmao


Pata-Squad Genesis is in-development platform-RPG game made by Matthias Kornak (aka MaciarTheEngie). It is made in Game Maker: Studio, and is planned for release only on Microsoft Windows systems. Soundtrack is made by Spyral370 using GarageBand.


-In game, the player controls 15 of Pata-Squad's members, divided into 5 smaller "squads" of three. Each squad has its own dedicated levels.

-After beating the game, secret character and its own story is unlocked to play.

1st character - Ipamon

2nd - Nickola Conagher

3rd - Saharat I

4th - Saikuna

5th - Saharat II

6th - Artix Krieger

7th - Kitzu

8th - Tuucan

9th - Takayuki

10th - Yumitama

11th - Kushell

12th - Nevaeh

13th - Ukifune

14th - Nekradi

15th - Idarken



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