Full Name: Rohannell Iō Von Venus
Age: In his twenties
Gender: Male


Love Interest: Everyone


Verdant (Ah-Ooh)


Weapon/s: Light alloy gauntlets



Rohan has a aquamarine lit eye companied by four horns, the bigger ones on top seeming to glow more lustrously with a soft neon hue, and a smug grin. Beautifully built body even tough rather feminine. He wears black skinsuits with neon colored stripes, and usually throws on a hoodie when going out and down from the high district. Around the high district he'll wear a more refined skinsuit along with a beautifuly crafted tail coat.




Rohan is a smug ass brat that does more damage than good for his own entertainment. He also seems to have some dangerously obsessive compulsions mostly regards to the possession of people and their affection for him.

Setting people up for failures is what he takes great pride in, leeching off of drama and problems stirred up from his schemes. He tends to try to play people like puppets rather than intimidate them into submission, as he's raised to be a diplomat rather than a fighter. Even so Rohan shows no mercy when it comes down to fighting, and becomes even deadlier when his brother & partner-in-crime joins in, with Rohan acting as as an upfront threat making himself the focus on the field while Sherry picks people off from the shadows.

Rohan isn't a nice person, and he isn't afraid to make that statement public. Even as a nobleman he'll smack-talk people into smithereens just for the hype of it, crudely racking them down with his words. That tends to work both ways, as it creates both enemies for him as well as it makes him feared and looked up to.

With way more enemies than friends Rohan doesn't give two flying f*cks about his actions and the consequences that follow, he truly thinks he's untouchable, and even if he ever were wrong about that statement he's literally untouchable with his brother in play.

Back StoryEdit

Born in the Neon City of Anaheim, an enormous black city filled to the brim with vivid colors neatly placed on the borders of the ancient land of the pre-historic grounds of the Ah-Ooh kingdom. Ahaheim was a city sate of it's own-, the only known grounds to still to this day host thousands and thousands of Ah-Oohs, now calling themselves the Verdants (To not relate to their massacring ancestors). Rohan was born into a wealthy family as a second born, living with his upper-class parents and older brother, smothered by luxury and wealth all his life.

Growing up coddled and pampered like that made Rohan into a very self-absorbed and arrogant person, acting as a authority figure around others throwing snarky remarks at everyone for pretty much everything. The only person he'll ever obey is his older brother Cherieze Janus Von Venus (Usually called Cherie or just Sherry), blindly doing pretty much anything his brother proposes.


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