Don't blame me for that!! I didn't do anything wrong!!!
Saharat I

Meet Saharat, the happy-go-lucky Aitepon who awoke from deep slumber after death flower poison.

Saharat I
Name: Saharat Tanyawut 
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Patapon, Aitepon

Urufupon (Dream Form Only)

Weapon/s: Gun, Slingshot

Claws (Dream Form Only)

Power/s: Crafting / Using Gadgets

Dream Form Transformation

Gadget/s: Tornado-Powered Vacuum

Artificial Lighting Generator

Mysterious Magic Device

Skill/s: Pull in/Push out (Vacuum)

Sacrifice Counter (Generator)

Destruction Spark (Device)

Invisible Cutter (Dream)

Appearance Edit

Just a normal Patapon but with 5 tufts of hair and a bag.

Personality Edit

He's mostly content quite a lot of the time. Sometimes he'll become quite hot-tempered when someone blames him for something. Also he hates being pranked.

He can be quite absent-minded, that means he tends to forget something that he asked for or has requested. Not the smartest Patapon around.

Items/Equipment Edit

Saharat I uses a gun and a slingshot. He uses pebbles as ammo, but those pebbles can be deadly when fired from his gun. Saharat also has a backpack. His bag can hold lots of items and he won't get tired from carrying it around.

In his dream form he cannot equip any weapons, except his sharp claws which can cut everything down in one slash.

Also he also uses some gadgets. There are 3 of them that he always as access to which are the Tornado-Powered Vacuum, Artificial Lighting Generator, and the Mysterious Magic Device.

BackStory Edit

Saharat was born after the earthend incident. His mother gave him a Moon Pearl as a memento before his father and mother disappeared. Saharat was left alone with his Moon Pearl and on full moon nights the pearl shines and transforms Saharat into a wolf. After years of living in a forest he came to the Patapolis by accident. Before he entered he waited until he transformed back into a normal Patapon, to make sure he didn't surprise them.

Before Saharat was interested in gadgets he was interested in alchemy. One day when making potions he accidentally made a mistake which ended up making one of his potions explode, leaving him unconscious. After the explosion, he decided to leave Patapolis in order to escape from his fault of blowing up the alchemy room by accident. After that, he tried to test everything that he learned from alchemy to make his own medicine himself. First he gathered a lot of herbs hoping to use them to make medicine, then he found the death flower. It looked like a glorious flower so he picked it up. The flower's pollen scattered around Saharat making him fall into a deep slumber. He slept through 6 months and he lost his memory of what happened in his past. Before regaining his consciousness again he ended up in Alirin's house. She found him lying down on her garden. She was so nice, she even gave him a house with a workshop. After that he lost interest in alchemy but instead he became interested in gadgets!

Gallery Edit

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