I fight for peace, and I will die with honour...

— Saharat II

Saharat II
A miracle from kami redux by fourisamagicnumber

Full name:

Saharat Tanyawut-Usagimi II


Saharat II, Saha, Naifutogi




Patapon, Naifupon, angel warrior, Kami


February 9, 1999

Character created by fourisamagicnumber

Appearance Edit

Height: 40cm

Weight: 10kg

Hair colour: Black

Hairstyle: 4 long tufts of hair

Eye colour: Black

Scars/distinguishing marks: Eleven scars on his right arm, one is blue and the other ten are red.

Clothing: A grey cape.

Personality Edit

Saharat is almost always happy, but sometimes he goes into depression after witnessing a traumatizing event, or thinking about a sad event that happened recently. Whenever he's in the mood to fight or somebody mentions a certain enemy, he always jumps at the chance to fight the enemy no matter how tempted he is. He can sometimes be a little childish to some Patapons for fun, and for enemies to mislead and/or to mock them. On rare occasions, he will experience a panic attack which he can't control, and it's up to one of his friends to calm him down.

Items/Equipment Edit

A Small knife

Attacks Edit

BackStory Edit

Saharat II was born from his mother and father, however they died a few days after. He remained an orphan for a few years until Aria and Omu adopted him and decided to make him part of the family. From there, he met Shuninkita and Tadashi. When he was 4, Aria and Omu died in battle. Following in their footsteps, he decided to begin training for battle as well, using a knife. At age 11, he decided to give other weapons a try, but he failed miserably, so it was best to switch back to the knife. At age 14, for reasons unknown Meden banished him from Patapolis. He currently lives in a forest behind Patapolis.

Gallery Edit

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