Saki-chan by superpandastar123
Full Name: Sakira
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Patapon


Love Interest: Saharat II

Signature Moves: 


March 20

Weapon/s: Cherry blossoms
Creator: SuperPandaStar123

Appearance Edit

Sakira's hairstyle is pigtails with cherry blossoms as accessories on her hair. She also has Cherry Blossom petal like wings.

Items/Equipment Edit


Attacks/Abilitys Edit

Sakurakinesis: Sakira can control cherry blossoms and use them as her weapons.

Personality Edit

She was almost seen happy and cheerful, however, she might be shy when meeting someone unless it's someone she heard of before, she's a really friendly Patapon. Sakira cares deeply for her friends even when they're sad or upset. When comes into battling, Sakira is a tough cookie that you don't want to mess with.

Back Story Edit

Gallery Edit

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