Soru final oc finally by pingrek77
Full Name: Soru Leonidas Kaos
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Patapon

Pata-Squad (group)

Bearterro (uberhero)

Love Interest: --

Signature Moves: 

Normal form - Kami


Lumonite - Light




Weapon/s: Axis Chaos (Axe)

Seismic Striker (Hammer)

Golden Blades (Swords)

Creator: pingrek77pl

Appearance Edit

He is a Charibassa Species, with a blue eye, red cape and 2 golden wristbands. He appears to have a some small strands as hair. He has pretty long wings attached to him, and he appears to be about 6 feet tall in his uberhero form, and in his normal Patapon form, about 2 or 4 feet tall.

Items/Equipment Edit

Axis Chaos (Axe) - [insert info here]

Seismic Striker (Hammer) - [insert info here]

Golden Blades (Swords) - [insert info here]

Attacks/Abilities Edit

[insert info here]

Personality Edit

[insert info here]

Back Story Edit

[insert info here]

Gallery Edit

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