The Knight of Rock and Roll
Knight of rock n roll for mewcarion by emeraldthehedgehog68
Name: Guy?
Age: ????


Species: Patapon


Weapon/s: Guitar/Blasting Screamer
Powers: Music, support ability's
The knight of rock and roll also known as ''Guy'' the hopeless.


The mask he is wearing is shaped like a heart that will be gaining more wings to it each time Guy changes. Back in the old days, Guy was just a normal small patapon with a small heart mask that had horn growing out of it. So when he first evolved to his uberhero form, he lost the horns and his heart mask started growing wings.

He has changed cape with the time, it used to be a small mini scarf but now it's a long red cape that goes around his back. His shirt has 4 squares on it which are colored white; he also has a pair that are water proof!


Mask name: Heart of Kami (not the actual heart spoilers.)

Cape: Red rude, goes all the way down to his back.

Armour chest: Four Boxed, Four boxes on his chest, does nothing, provides no bonus defense.

Boots: Normal, Just the standard bunny boots. Uh, they are a little bit hot...


His attacks are mostly sound based meaning that if you are deaf you wont be able to hear that you are about to be attacked.

Ultra Sonic Jam: He plays really loud music that echoes all around him, it does hardly any damage but due to the high sound frequency his enemies are temporally forced to dance for a brief moment unable to do anything for 5 seconds, leaving them wide open. It does not effect allies or anyone that is deaf. It also does not stack in any case meaning that if they have been ''stunned'' once then they can't be ''stunned'' again.

Blasting Smash: If Guy is in the middle of playing his support song and then cancels it, he will go into a rage state where he runs up to the target and beats them up for heavy damage while also staggering them ( he can only do this once per mission, climbing/descending to a new floor refreshes this ability.)

Ultra Sonic Song: (Note Ultra song Jam and Song are two different things.) When Guy activate this power he is unable to attack, as he plays the song. However, his song buffs his allies to have extra attack and defense while also lowering the enemies' damage for as long as the song is playing.

The Green Tone : Guy also has one last support ability that can heal the whole party, but to use this you have to charge up and then defend and then he will gladly heal the whole party.

Back StoryEdit

In his past life as a Yaripon he was fighting alongside patapon heroes but he was one of the many other soldiers who died to the hands of Gong.

Many years later, Guy was woken up by Kami and was told to seek his destiny but with a new body of a uberhero. But all he had at the time was a useless spear from his last form which was a bit too small for him. After days of wandering he encountered the evil bone deth, but after a while of battling with the Bone deth his spear broke which forced him into hiding within a cave.

Inside this cave there were a lot of bodies and skeletons scattered all over the place. Then there was an Alter where a Funny looking Guitar was laying. As he approached the Guitar a voice spoke to him, telling him if he wanted the Guitar he would have to give up the most valuable thing in his life, his memory and own name. Guy gladly accepted this offer, as he picked up the Guitar it sealed itself around him and became soul bound (meaning if he lost his Guitar and it got broken, he would die alongside it!) to him. Right afterwards, he lost his memory and his name for good, he then realized that Kami would no longer be able to get a reach of him!

As he left the Cave it collapsed behind him and he was assaulted by the bone deth once again, but with his new power of Rock and roll he Rocked his way through their camp and into freedom but now the only way Guy could go was forward.

Trivia time!!! Edit

The name he was known as before he lost it was ''Kaiser'' and the Code name he would go by was Geo.Kaiser.

The back of his Guitar the name ''Guy'' Is written in blood, in fact you could say that he made a blood pact with his own Guitar... bit weird,but then again it's soul bound to him!


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