Tobi redesign
Name Tobi Hironaga
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday October 6th
Species Patapon, tends to be on Uberhero form more often
Weapon(s) Shields, Clubs, Swords
Relationships Kaede Hironaga (mother)

Daiki Hironaga (father)

Nico (cousin)

Nera (sidekick)

Nickola (friend)

Alias Eekorobi (Uberhero name)
Character is by Aggy42

Appearance Edit

Tobi wears a sleeveless light blue halter top, white pants that end slightly below her knees, gray boots with light blue fluffy bands around the ankles and a light blue bracelet on her left wrist. Her hair is naturally gray-beige, worn medium-length, with faded ends.

Personality Edit

Tobi is a cheerful girl who feels that being with her friends is something she can't live without. Her life goals include becoming a better fighter, improving her magical abilities and discovering her past. She's also very anxious and tends to hold her feelings back, which might make her ill.

Backstory Edit

Since a very young age, Tobi wanted to be a heroine and keep the world free from evil. Her parents, Daiki and Kaede Hironaga, have been explorers since their late teens and only settled down once they decided they wanted to have a child.

When Tobi was born, she was their joy, but as she grew up, the two knew one day they would have to let her go and become more independent.

At the time the young girl was 8, they left for a mission of their own and left her under the care of the person they trusted the most, Priestess Meden, which is the reason Tobi considers her an “aunt” of sorts, but refuses to refer as her by anything other than “Lady Meden” out of respect.

She wished every day, since then, to become a Hero and find her parents, to know the reason why they left.

At age 17, she joined a team comprised of the descendants of the main Uberheros. The known members are Akio, the descendant of Yarida and Tobi’s (now former) boyfriend; Nico, descendant of Myamsar and Tobi’s (somehow) cousin; Kazuki, the descendant of Taterazay and leader of the team; Mikey, the descendant of Yumiyacha; Tatsuya, the descendant of Cannogabang; and Tsuneo, the descendant of Charibasa.

Akio and Tobi actually got to know each other better when Akio had been wounded in the face by a tough blow from a stronger enemy. She had healed him (and fixed his mask) by kissing his cheek, using her ability named Angel’s Kiss. He was very thankful and the two got along really well since then, with her eventually developing feelings for him.

Her confession to Akio was made during a starry night, after he read a note Tobi had written for him. The two sat together for a while, until Tobi kissed him. The two had been together since then.

A few months ago, a new member, a ladybug Zigoton named Nera, joined the Descendants. This led to arguments, as some members held a past grudge on Zigotons, leading to Tobi and Nera leaving the group, and Akio and Tobi's relationship coming to an end. She currently carries a keepsake from him: a silver choker with a light blue Uberhero motif-shaped gem, which would be given to her, had Akio proposed to her.

After leaving, Tobi helped Nera with cutting her hair and making an outfit that matched hers. The two are currently on a small cabin on the outskirts of Patapolis. Tobi eventually develops feelings for Nera.

Relationships Edit

Kaede and Daiki Hironaga (OCs) Edit

Her parents. The two have always cared about Tobi since the first day of her life, however when she turned 8, they left for an unknown reason of their own. She wishes to find them when older.

Akio (OC) Edit

Her boyfriend and the descendant of Yarida. She met him after he was wounded in a battle. After confessing to Akio, the two have always been together. He secretly plans on proposing to her once she’s 18.

Nico (OC) Edit

Her cousin and the descendant of Myamsar. He and Tobi almost seem to be siblings, due to being nearly inseparable.

Nickola Edit

Fellow member of the Pata-Squad. Tobi met him some time ago, and the two have been friends since. He introduced her to the Pata-Squad.

Gallery Edit

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