Victoria Conagher
Victoria conagher by almightyjak

Full Name:

Victoria Conagher



Gender: Female



Love Interest

Dell Conagher 

Signature Move/s

Electric Shock

Birthday: ????
Creator: AlmightyJak

Appearce Edit

Victoria is a rather cute Zoni who glows in the dark. When she changes into her Patapon form she has black long hair, wears a red skirt and bra.

Items/Equipment Edit

She Uses Robopon like claws that are very sharp and do a lot of damage. She would be able to summon them like Garnet, from the tv show Steven Universe, would be able to summon her gauntlets.

Attacks/Abilitys Edit

Flight: She has the ability to fly like any other Zoni.

Electric Shock: The Zoni have the powers to use electric shocks! This attack shoots powerful electric bolts!

Transformation: Vic is able to change her apperance from Zoni into Patapon, Zigotion, ect.

Personality Edit

She is a cheerful and happy Zoni. She loves showing affection to Dell. She is very smart and good with machines, tough she can mess up sometimes. She is not scared to fight back and defend herself and will do what she most to protect the ones she loves.

Back Story Edit

She was born a Zoni on the Zoni home world, called Zoni. She went to Earth to study the planet disguised as a Patapon and she lived in Patapolis. There she met Dell and fell in love with him. She decided to reveal to him what she was. She both ended up getting married and having a child, Nickola.

Victoria conagher weapon concept by almightyjak

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