Kirby sona Wrath by syani123
Full Name: Wrath
Age: ????
Gender: Female
Species: Kirby

The Pata-Squad

Love Interest: Ipamon

Signature Moves: 



Weapon/s: None


Appearance Edit

Wrath is a black Kirby. she has horns and a tail of a bull. She also has wings and red eyes.

Items/Equipment Edit

Wrath wears an obsidian necklace. It is used to prevent the bad feelings from popping out. Hence her name "Wrath", her actual wrath is very dangerous and destructive. Never take it off of her.

Attacks/Abilities Edit

Flight- Her wings allow her to fly with ease.

Bull Strength- She has the huge strength of a mighty bull! She can break walls, rocks, and things with ease just by tackling them.

Personality Edit

Wrath is reserved, she usually doesn't like to talk very much at all, she can be considered even shy at some point. One word to describe her around other people, Anti-social. She hates being around people so much, specially in crowed places. Except of course for Ipamon, she's so much more opened and she even laughs and jokes around with him. She actually changed a bit of her "anti-social" behavior and support better being around Patapons.
Under the rain by SweetMint9

Wrath and Ipamon together.

Back Story Edit

Wrath was born in Pop Start back in the Gable Galaxy (The Kirby Universe) she lived with her family until she became an adult. Back on Pop Star, she was always unhappy and hated being around other puffballs. After hearing about NOVA, the magical clock that granted wishes, she recollected the stars to summon him. She asked a wish to go away from her world to be finally alone and travel. He granted her wish to not be around puffballs anymore, so Nova sent her to the Patapon world.

Gallery Edit

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