Brother look! It's a moron! Hahaha!

Yuenne (ユエン) is a childish Tsukipon who is one of the two moon children along with her twin brother Callisto. She and her brother long to know who their parents are and how they ended up in earth.


Yuenne has two tiny horns and wears two white ribbons. Her hair seems to defy gravity as it is never seen down. She also has a bracelet on her left arm that stabilizes the intensity of her power. She does not take this off for fear of what might happen if her power goes out of control.


Just like her brother, her power involves producing Lunar Dust. She can temporarily remove gravity using this, and create things depending on the mass of the item she's trying to reproduce. However, she only makes small things, as she is afraid of her powers.


Yuenne is a happy-go-lucky Tsukipon. She tends to look at the positive side of most situations. Even so, she is quite a crybaby because she easily becomes upset— something that her brother hates taking responsibility of. She also likes making fun of others, but strongly believes that everyone is beautiful.


  • When she or Callisto sneeze, they sneeze out Lunar Dust.
  • She likes singing when no one's looking.
  • She becomes timid when talking about certain things.

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